At Octopus, every endeavor is a platform for yet another experience full of new things to learn. Of course we are here for business, but we are here for passion first.

Years of Experience

"Octopus’s vision beyond sight and their ideas are very amazing. Our annual day, conceptualized and executed by Octopus has been simply delightful and top class."

− Srini Koppulu, Head (Ex) - Microsoft India

"Our experience with Octopus has been exceptional. They are professional, very creative and a pleasure to do business with. With Octopus, you get great attention to the detail and high quality execution. We highly recommend Rahul Reddy and his team. We will definitely partner up with"

− Allen Gojar, Accounts Head – Network 18

"Working with Octopus has been nothing but absolute delight. The way they conceptualized an event and organized it was brilliant. Octopus is always willing to go the extra mile for us. Quality work and friendliness is why we chose to work with Octopus. The whole experience has been great and we at BMW are so happy with Octopus."

− Robin Singh, Area Head & BMW

"The website and tools you've given us are killing it in lead generation. Let's not forget to mention that our conversion rates are simply fantastic! We're looking forward to our next gig together!"

− Arjun Menon, NASSCOM

"Well, getting 190 CEOs into one golf field has been possible because of Octopus Group. The Golf Tournament they organized in 2012 has just been perfect and fun. The large scale of the event and the seamless execution made us extremely happy. We generating such great business during the event, is just what we were looking for. Kudos Octopus!"

− Kanishka Das Gupta, KPMG

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Theatre Changing with Times

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Though theatre has always existed, it is transforming to suit the new age audience. Here are a few press coverages of the same.


Raahgiri Day in the News

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Raahgiri day is one of the first steps towards making Hyderabad a sustainable and environment friendly city; a city which cares for its future and its resources, a city which is alive and whose citizens take an active part in what it becomes.


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Octopus Group supported the Dark and Beautiful initiative with an event here in Hyderabad which was covered in various channels of the media in Print and Online and here is a glimpse of the same.

Octo Space is a Coworking Space with a twist. Not just a mere coworking space but its an entrepreneurship hub with incubator and also a launch pad for startups here in Hyderabad.