Octopus Group, much like our namesake aquatic creature, has its tentacles spread across many and multi-faceted services. But don't you worry, each of our arms work as an independent unit to provide you with market-sound solutions and custom-made results in each of the branches.


With innovation evolving every second, we are dedicated to staying updated, so that you can afford to stay focused in your core operations. And when it is time for you to grow, we are here with the cutting edge solutions to suit your needs.


We at Octopus love creating experiences for events. Afterall, we are the only event company in the country that designs every aspect for you.


Octopus Studios strongly believes in honoring creators of art with the stage and the spotlight they deserve. Over the years, we have enabled several artistes tell their tales, sing their ballads, dance to the beats.


We work with different sectors across the spectrum and around the globe to provide support at varying degrees to enable start-ups take off.


By raising awareness in the present, Octopus Foundation aims at creating a more empowered future. We reach out to the deprived and bridge the gap with education, art and skill development.

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