Million-dollar smiles...
We rescue boys from trafficking rackets and rehabilitate them at Krushi Home, where they undergo counselling and are later equipped with education and skills.
Food for the body, mind and soul...
Annadhanam is held in the greatest regard in our culture. Though most of us crave to reach out to those in need, the fast-paced life makes it hard. Understanding that there is a gap between the resources and the ones deprived of it, we build the bridge between those who want to provide and those who look to receive some grace. We are after all responsible for each other's wellbeing, even if they walk on four legs.
Because inclusion heals...
We take up projects aimed at exposing the underprivileged children to experiences and events that are out of reach for them.
Quirky campaigns...
When it comes to timeless wisdom that needs to be reiterated, well because people have short term memories, we love putting old wine in a brand-new bottle with quirky campaigns. From upping the cool quotient of a cracker-free Diwali to the undeniable truth that Dark is Beautiful, some of our most impactful campaigns have people asking for more.


With this CSR wing dedicated to the visionary and philanthropist Dr Ghanta Yella Reddy of Kurnool, Octopus Group hopes to embrace the world in all its arms.

By raising awareness in the present, Octopus Foundation aims at creating a more empowered future. We reach out to the deprived and bridge the gap with education, art and skill development.

And to to ensure maximum reach and impact, we tie up with non-profits, organisations and establishments, specialising in specific areas of work.


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