Octopus Studios strongly believes in honoring creators of art with the stage and the spotlight they deserve. Over the years, we have enabled several artistes tell their tales, sing their ballads, dance to the beats of their expressions and mesmerize like-minded audiences.

Films: Our undying love for the motion-picture

Besides helping produce some award-winning indie films that went on to win international acclaim in festival circuits, we also conceptualize well-curated film screenings to shed the spotlight on some very intriguing indie projects and originals.


5000+ films, 150 filmmakers and growing

Over the 7 years of its existence, there have been 25 editions of these Short Evening With Films with 5000+ films submitted and 150 featured filmmakers. And we aren’t done filmming, watching, appreciating or discussing anytime yet and we hope you aren’t either.

Short evening with films

With regular screenings and meets, we grew a network of short filmmakers and movie buffs from a small close-knit contingent to a large, active and involved community. Besides treating the enthusiasts with the newest and the freshest scripts, films and ideas on the block, the event also became a platform for discussion on all things films.

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Theatre: The World is a Stage

As long as the Shakespearean wisdom ‘The world is a stage’ is alive, so will the virtue of good theatre be relevant. However, theatre today is in the dire need for support and hard work to ensure that the art form gets the limelight it deserves. And we took up the onus of supporting theatre with involvement at many levels – from writing and directing some compelling tales to hosting some must-watch plays from across the world.

Art for all

While art is timeless, we understand the need to keep it relevant. And therefore, we conceptualise events involving traditional to contemporary music and art, with a new-age twist.