Octopus theatre: The world is a stage
As long as the Shakespearean wisdom 'The world is a stage' is alive, so will the virtue of good theater be relevant. However, theater today is in the dire need for support and hard work to ensure that the art form gets the limelight it deserves.
Octopus theatre: The world is a stage
Octopus Studio supports theater with involvement at many levels - from writing and directing some compelling tales to hosting some must-watch plays from across the world.

Street theatre


Theatre that took birth and grew relevant as a voice for the voiceless, ironically enough, today needs a voice to speak for its protection and propogation.

A classic Mullubaay Katti Voche Dham Dham Dham was revived to reiterate the human folly of stressing on urbanization and development at the cost of ruining the planet and deteriorating quality of life. And understanding that the context for the staging is as important as the message itself, we even took this street play to Hyderabad Urban Makeover, where the dialogue was centered around sustainable development.

Our street play Gograhanam about Indian women and their destinies was more than well-received by the audience. Written and directed by the veteran Tanikella Bharani, this play sure had a thumping message and an equally thumping response.




Tickling the funny bone while bending genres

We love making people laugh and we especially love it when they don’t see it coming.
Our genre-bending productions like A Distant Plateau and Blithe Spirit cooked up quite the storm in the theatre teacup.
Our repertoire of plays also includes a sound collection of a genre considered the hardest to convey to the audience – Abstract. Our abstract plays such as Spoiler by Lee Mueller that questions our judgement to differentiate the real and honest from the make-believe and fraud, and The Thing That Happened that compels the audience to think over good, bad and just what is fate, had people going home in an introspective mood. Mission accomplished, we’d say!