This means anything from providing co-working spaces to connecting the entrepreneurs to angel investors and venture capitalists while also being available to them through mentor-ship programs.
We work with different sectors across the spectrum and around the globe to provide support at varying degrees to enable ideas take off.

Co-working spaces

Investment opportunities



Octo Spaces, our flagship venture

We love ideas and the brains bubbling with them even more. So this proud venture is a tribute to the ones we love and appreciate more than anything – a co-working space that not only providing a congenial space for the thinkers to work.
When ideas takes shape, we nurture those babies in an incumbator till the right kind of the investor from our global network.
When a product is ready for launch, we also support the entrepreneurs to get them out there through our special launch pad programme.
What's more, with an experienced team of branding and consultants, Octo Space also provides mentorship and support in branding and marcom.
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